bitches brew

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Bitches brew

A self-initiated project exploring the beer and wine category. For the brand story we created a fictitious narrative combined with historical facts from the Salem witch trials. From there we built out the brand and product line by integrating the occult theme into all aspects of this case study.


transworld surf redesign

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Transworld Surf re-design

In late 2011, we were hired to re-design TransWorld Surf magazine. Our objective was shifting the creative direction to support a photo-driven editorial model while breathing new life into the magazine format. The intended result: sophistication that does not take itself too seriously. An immediate increase in market-share proved the re-design was successful and it continued gaining until May of 2013 when the publication was purchased by its main competitor and subsequently shut down.


corazon cabo

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Corazon, Cabo

In 2013, we were approached by designer Amy Noel to help her create a visual identity and look book for the Corazon Resort in Cabo San Lucas. Working with Noel and architect Arnaldo Rabago, we created an over-sized hardcover book to showcase the look and feel of the project.


spy happy lens

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Spy Optics, Happy Lens

Spy Optics commissioned us to help with the direction and concepting of their 2012 Happy Lens campaign. The lens technology uses special UV filters to let in only healthful UV rays associated with human happiness while blocking out the harmful rays. These are some samples of our concepts for the Happy Lens marketing campaign and product launch.